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Our Services

Portfolio management for Real Estate Servicers, NPLs and REOs

Since 2010, FYG has specialised in REO and NPL portfolio management, participating in the acquisition of 250 portfolios in the last 12 years, alongside the most prestigious Spanish real estate servicers and the most important investment funds in the world.

We are involved in all phases of the process, from the legal analysis of the assets during the Due Diligence, tax analysis of the transaction, tax settlement and the simultaneous registry processing of all the assets.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for Real Estate Servicers

FYG is specialised in Real Estate Processes management:

Mortgage Management for Financial Entities

FYG formalises and manages Mortgage Loans for Financial Entities, from the signing of the mortgage until the definitive inscription in the corresponding registers.

FYG also manages preparatory documents, pay-off of charges, tax settlement and carries out all tasks related to Mortgage signing.

Document management

FYG manages the payment of taxes and the inscription of any type of public deed for other partners.

Our task is complemented by our partners’, therefore offering their clients comprehensive advisory services.

Our clients include Notarial Firms, Law Firms and Real Estate brokers.

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Our Clients

Our client list is made up of the main International Real Estate Investment Funds and Real Estate Servicers operating in Spain.