20 años cumpliendo

2003 – 2023



Máximo Marín (D.E.P)

May 7, 2021. It breaks my heart to have to communicate that Máximo Marín, founding partner and administrator of FYG since 2002, has passed away. Throughout these almost 20 years I have shared with you dreams, efforts, disappointments and joys.

A tireless worker, with more than 40 years dedicated to mortgage management, you have been an example and inspiration for all of us who knew you and cry the loss of an exceptional person, professionally and personally.

We will never ever forget your humanity, your high level of demand (especially with yourself), your charisma and your acid sense of humor. You leave in us an authentic lesson of honesty, your legacy will live on.

Inma, Carol, Rebeca, you are not alone in your pain. We accompany you hundreds of friends, colleagues and clients who appreciate Maxi so much and who right now curse the unfairness of life.

Maxi, partner, rest in peace, and gather strength for when we meet again.